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Agent Career Development

Marketing Legend and Real Estate Trainer Greg Herder

Welcome! Are you serious enough about taking your real estate career to the next level that you willing to take action to educate yourself when no one else is watching you? Then you will find the training on videos on this website very valuable. They are not technically perfect, but the content is incredibly valuable.

On the other hand, if you are one of those experienced agents who think they are at the top of their game and have nothing left to learn? Feel free to spend your time making snide comments about this site and don’t waste your time watching the videos.

As the Manager of Newport Beach’s First Team Christie’s Luxury Real Estate office I try to video tape our ongoing training and coaching sessions and office meetings. My goal is to create a video library that those rare agents who are constantly pushing themselves to grow and learn. This is a site for agents only. Access to this website is free but it does require you to register and enter your full contact information so that I can verify you are an active agent. I believe that sharing openly is the best way to improve the professionalism of our industry. My goal is to help you grow personally and professionally. Yes, within this site there are videos of our agents listing presentations and a few other video’s that are only open to First Team Christie’s agents.

My mentor Jim Rohn taught me that your net worth is normally average of the 5 people in your life that you spend the most time with. That is why I am always looking successful agents that want to hang around with a group of amazing agents who are pushing each other to get even better and have deep belief that there is abundance for everyone.

I would love your comments and feedback about the videos you watch.

Greg Herder